Capturing the essence of place.

Transporting you to claim, still moments of reflection, in awe of the sublime.

Luke Hallam is an artist, painting in oils. Creating dramatic, atmospheric, seascape paintings of the Australian coastline. Originally from the Surf Coast in Victoria, now residing and working in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

Luke Hallam - Australian seascape artist

Savor your connection with the sea - recent paintings.

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Special reminders of time and place, that transport you to a state of nostalgia, forward to aspiration, or to a vision of calm, far from daily stresses.

It's a scientifically proven fact that spending time in and around the ocean can reduce stress and change levels of certain hormones in the body - I have no doubt that this is true and if you've spent time in or around the ocean I'm sure you agree.

The art I create is a tribute to the wild places on earth. In documenting these natural instances, my process becomes a rediscovery, an unrushed observation of locations, and moments in time.

I take great care in creating each piece, ensuring I capture the drama and presence of a place I get to know by spending time in its company - sometimes over many years. Aiming to represent a moment in time, in a place that will never be the same again - such is the sea.

A video timelapse of Luke painting "Point Addis - Winter Swell"

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