Contemporary Sea Scape Painting

Impressionistic seascape painting may seem to some like a relic of the past, but it continues to be a relevant and inspiring subject in contemporary art. The use of light, colour, and movement in these paintings creates a sense of atmosphere and emotion that resonates with audiences today. One contemporary artist who has been heavily…

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My mate the artist; Mick Egan

Mick Egan; The boy from the bush, with not the easiest of upbringings. Made the pilgrimage to the big city to study fine art at the VCA (Victorian College of the Arts), a far cry from his hometown digs, and expectations, of playing footy and sinking cans as a man’s man. Mick revelled in this…

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“What’s your inspiration?”

anglesea river reflections

Did you just get a little bit of sick in your mouth too? “What inspires you to be an artist?” – feels like such a pretentious and cringe-worthy question when said out loud don’t you think? We have to put blame on the “art establishment” for placing so much emphasis on this question, but more importantly…

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Have you heard the saying “There’s an artist in every family”?

Clive Cawthorn - Artist

Clive and Winifred on their wedding day. The artist in my family was my grandfather (my mother’s father), or “Pop” to my younger brother and I. A coach painter, a sign writer, and a landscape artist. Clive Cawthorne, was my first, and consistent exposure to a real working artist growing up. He had built a…

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Mid-winter, on the edge of an ancient swamp, paintbrush in hand

Anglesea River Plein Air

It’s mid winter here now, and although a pretty mild part of the planet to experience winter, it still gets a little chilly to the point that most people avoid spending too long outside. This day though, was a cracking warm winters one, with the sun providing a welcome little burst of warmth, barely a…

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Hut Gully, Great Ocean Road- Luke Hallam

As a people, we are drawn to coast, I get a cold shiver when someone suggests spending an extended period of time away from the ocean. I’m a better person when I spend time in the ocean, for many reasons, but I think the defining point is the perspective it gives me. Constantly reinforcing that…

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Wall mural

The completed artwork – Around 80 hours of airbrush work, 3.5 x 3 meter rendered wall, 20 plus colours, commissioned by a couple of great clients. Projecting up the artwork, I think this is pretty close to the scale limit of the old overhead projector. The acrylic rendered wall ate pencils at a rapid rate, lots…

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